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Upgrade system hard disk to a bigger one

Does your system hard disk often run out of space which makes you unable to upgrade the software, applications and upgrade system as well as store more data? If you are suffering such kind of thing, decide to purchase a new bigger hard disk and reinstall operating system and all the applications on the new hard disk, it will be a large project and time-consuming job. Why not clone system disk to a bigger one? It is the fast and easy way to solve low disk space problem or system hard disk and you needn't to reinstall system reinstallation or application.

How to upgrade system hard disk to a bigger one?

Partition software - EaseUS Partition Master provides "Upgrade disk" help you upgrade system hard disk to a bigger one and solve low disk space problem. Following is the step-by-step to upgrade system hard disk with EaseUS Partition Master.

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1. Connect the bigger hard disk to the computer (If it is new hard disk, please initialize it to MBR disk.).

2. Download, install and launch EaseUS Partition Master.

3. Select Wizard -> Clone disk wizard from the main menu and then select "Upgrade disk".

Select upgrade disk

4. Disk Clone Wizard will automatically check the source disk and after check, click Next.

Upgrade system disk

5. Choose the destination disk - Disk 2, and then click "Next".

Upgrade system disk

* If there are some partitions on the destination disk, please confirm to delete the partitions and data on the destination disk. In order to proceed with the operation, you should either allow EaseUS Partition Master to delete all the partitions on the destination hard disk or click Back to choose another destination hard disk.

6. Resize partitions on the destination disk. On a disk map, current size of the partitions on the destination Disk is displayed on the top of the dialog box. Position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle; the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow and drag the handle to the partition size you want. Click Next.

Upgrade system disk

7. The destination disk information is displayed. Then click Finish.

Upgrade system disk

8. To preview the result on the left panel "Pending Operations". If it is right, then click "Apply". Tick the "Shut down the computer after changes are applied."

Shut down computer

9. Done.

10. Please replace the source disk with destination disk and then boot the computer.

Tips: Once you confirm to delete the partitions on the disk, the data on the disk will forever get lost, even though the clone failed!

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