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How to convert primary partition to logical partition with magic partition manager?

Some computer users may encounter this problem: there are four primary partitions in the hard disk, however you cannot create any more partitions in the Windows Disk Management. Either up to four primary partitions or up to three primary partitions plus an extended partition can be created for each basic MBR disk. If you want to create more than four partitions, you need to convert one primary partition to logical partition first. Now partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master, its Convert Primary to Logical is available for computer users. With its help, you can easily achieve your goal without data loss.

How to convert primary partition to logical partition with EaseUS Partition Master?

To convert primary partition to logic partition:

1. Download EaseUS Partition Master and install it. After that, launch EaseUS Partition Master.

2. Select the partition which you want to convert, right click the selected partition (or click menu Partitions) and select Convert to logical.

Select Convert Primary to Logical

3. EaseUS Partition Master starts checking your partition.

4. EaseUS Partition Master starts converting primary partition to logical partition and adds this operation to the pending operations on the left pane.

5.Click Apply to execute the operations.

Tips: For data security, EaseUS Partition Master must check the partition before converting primary partition to logical partition. If there are errors on the file system, please backup the partition first.

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