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How to partition removable storage device like USB flash drive, memory card, etc?

Why you need partition removable storage device?

USB flash drive and memory card are the most ordinary removable storage devices. They are widely used for the storing important data and files. The main reason for using removable storage devices is because of its portability. This allow users’ data to be transferred between PC and differently storage devices smoothly. It is quite important and necessary for the data movement on in some cases on removable storage devices.

Sometimes there do exist some special needs to partition removable storage device into several partitions for managing data. Is it possible to make it true to partition removable storage device like USB flash drive, memory card etc? How?

How to resize partition on the USB flash drive?

The Windows built-in Disk Management provides limited features for USB flash drive management. It is not possible to resize USB flash drive with Windows Disk Management freely. A third party partition manager software like EaseUS Partition Master is necessary to resize USB flash drive.

Now partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master works with removable storage device. You can enjoy the partition management on the removable storage device as the same as the hard disk, such as resize/move partition, copy partition, create partition, delete or wipe partition for USB flash drive, memory card, SD card, etc.

Here the following we’ll show you how to use EaseUS Partition Master to resize the USB flash drive:

1. Download and launch EaseUS Partition Master.

EaseUS Partition Master

2. Select the partition on the USB flash drive. Right click the selected partition and select "Resize/Move partition".

3. Drag the boundary of the partition to any size you want.

4. You will have a smaller partition after clicking Apply.

Besides resizing partition on the removable storage device, EaseUS Partition Master can format, create, delete, wipe partition, etc. on the removable storage device.

More EaseUS Partition Master features.

Video tutorial for helping partition removable devices

EaseUS Partitin Master is more than a removable storage device partition manager, it's also a great merge partition freeware to help merge partitions. Other more partition problems like C drive is out of space can also be effortlessly solved.

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