How to Repair RAID-5 Volume?

When a member of a RAID-5 volume fails, it becomes an orphan. The operating system determines that it can no longer be used and directs reading and writing all new data to the remaining members of the fault-tolerant volume.

When a member of a RAID-5 volume fails, you can reconstruct the data for the failed member from the remaining members by repairing RAID-5 volume.

If you want to replace the old hard disk with a larger one in RAID-5 volume, you need to repair the RAID 5 volume.

To repair RAID-5 dynamic volume, you need the professional tool to do it, EaseUS Partition Master is a such tool to repair RAID-5 volume.

Tutorial to repair RAID-5 volume

The following is example to replace one hard disk in RAID-5 volume when it fails.

1. Disconnect the failed hard disk and connect the new hard disk to your computer.

2. Initialize it.

3. Download, install EaseUS Partition Master and launch it.

When a member of a RAID-5 volume fails, it is marked as "!" in disk map of EaseUS Partition Master.

Repair RAID-5 volume

4. Convert the hard disk to dynamic disk in Disk Manager

5. Select a RAID 5 dynamic volume in EaseUS Partition Master.

6. Right-click the volume and select Repair RAID-5 volume or select in the main menu Partitions > Repair RAID-5 volume.

Repair RAID-5 volume

7. By clicking OK, you will add a pending operation of repairing RAID 5 dynamic volume.

Repair RAID-5 volume

8. Click Apply. You have repaired RAID-5 volume.

Repair RAID-5 volume

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