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Top Ten Reasons to Try and Use EaseUS Partition Master

1 Built-in WinPE 3.0 Bootable Disk

Built-in WinPE 3.0 bootable disk, EaseUS Partition Master overwhelms other disk management software with higher stability & better compatibility and even a more reasonable price.

2 All-in-one Partition Solution

Full featured partition maintenance solution for home and enterprise users. All your partition and disk maintenance requirements can be taken into reality by appklying a single software with reasonable price.

3 No Data Loss

EaseUS Partition Master is a stable partition management software which will protect your data security. For example, it will protect your system and data while extending system partition. Further more, it provides great users with Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk & Partition Copy Wizard to ensure 100% data security.

4 Extends NTFS System Partition without Reboot

EaseUS Partition Master enables you to extend system partition to maximize the performance of your computer and minimize its downtime without rebooting the computer after enlarging the space of the system partition.

5 Competitive Price and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

EaseUS Partition Master reduces your system maintenance cost with a reasonable price and 30 days money back guarantee. Unlimited edition is a big saving for enterprise users; it allows unlimited usages within company.

6 Simple & Easy to Use

With easy to use functions, EaseUS Partition Master is developed with simple operating interface and even no geeks can manage it. Resizing & moving can be realized by dragging and drawing on the disk map.

7 Fast and Free Technical Support

Customers can enjoy a prompt assistance from highly qualified engineers of EaseUS Support Team and a free lifetime technical support when users encounter any problems relating to EaseUS Partition Master.

8 Free Download & Free Lifetime Use

Once you purchase EaseUS Partition Master, you are serviced to use its lisence for a lifetime. If you lost your program due to computer crash or any other reasons, free re-download of EaseUS Partition Master is available.

9 Trustworthy

Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HP, Kodak, Oracle and FedEx are all our clients. You can rely on EaseUS Partition Master because EaseUS is professional in the partition management field and offers advanced & convenient solution for home and enterprise users to maximize the performance of their computers.

10 Flexible Solutions to Address the Needs of Both Home Users and Enterprise Users

EaseUS Partition Master is developed to be an all-in-one partition solution and disk management utility. It provides a friendly interface and easy-to-use functions for both professionals and non-professionals. EaseUS Partition Master helps people to do partition management, partition recovery, disk & partition copy, etc. All EaseUS people work hard on this product and aim to help people solve all the partition problems. Through past years, EaseUS Partition Master has won a lot of praise and good comments. The following ten reasons attribute a lot. Do not ever hesitate any more. Let it help!

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