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Windows Server 2003 partition magic software helps resize Windows Server 2003 partitions easily

Is there Windows Server 2003 partition software which can help you to resize or conduct basic and advanced partitioning operations to maximize Windows Server hard disk performance as well as to optimize the usage of the disk? This question can be found on many Windows Server forums and the answer is YES. EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is just the typical Windows Server partition software to partition Windows 2003 Server. And for Windows 2008 disk management, please refer here: Windows 2008 Disk Management alternative - EaseUS Partition Master.

Windows Server knowledge

Before we get down to the discussion on disk repartition on Windows Server 2003, we need to get some ideas on Windows Server. As a brand name for server Operating Systems released by Microsoft Corporation, Windows Server has been used for the following software releases:

  • Windows Server 2000, the release based on Windows 2000.
  • Windows Server 2003, the previous release of Windows Server.
  • Windows Server 2008, the previous release of Windows Server.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, the current release of Windows Server.
  • Windows Small Business Server, an operating system based on Windows Server with some integrated Microsoft Servers, for small businesses.
  • Windows Essential Business Server, a product similar to Small Business Server, but for medium-sized businesses.
  • Windows Home Server, a home server operating system for file sharing and streaming, automated backups, and remote access.

Among them all, Windows Server 2003 is the most widely used server system. However, people usually don't know which server utility they should use, like resizing partition on their Windows Server 2003. In general, Server partition magic manager which is able to partition Windows 2003 Server without system crash of data loss is most commonly required since the security and stability are the most important points to all server users. No one needs server 2003 partition manager that will destroy their data and most of the people might search for the partition magic server alternative.

The following image displays the start menu of Windows Server 2003.

Windows 2003 server

Why need Windows Server partition software to resize partitions under Windows Server 2003?

We can use server partition magic manager to maximize the functions of partitions on Windows Server 2003 system and minimize the server downtime by extending the system partitions without reboot. Because Windows Server 2003 is the most common one, here I'd like to discuss Windows Server 2003 partition software in particular which can ease the process of resizing partition on Windows Server 2003 to maximize the performance of the server and minimize its downtime.

People usually need to partition Windows Server 2003 under different situations. For example, you want to extend your system partition for further usage. Unfortunately, no resizing or moving partition function is built in Windows Server 2003 Disk Management Tool. Actually, most of users consider it as headache to resize partitions on Windows Server 2003, because it is much too difficult for people who are not specialized in computer science. There is some Windows Server partition software for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, etc, and then is Windows Server 2003 partition software also available? Of course, there is. And data security is still the key that users concern about most.

Speaking of resizing software, Server partition magic software can help you to manage it and maximize the performance of the server safely and fast. As partition magic server alternative - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is such kind of server partition magic software which can resize Windows Server 2003 partition in an easy way without data loss. And to fulfill needs of enterprise users, we offer another advanced edition - EaseUS Partition Master Unlimited Edition allows unlimited usage within one company.

How to resize partition on Windows Server 2003 with this Server partition software?

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. Right click partition E, and select "Resize/Move partition" to shrink it.

Resize the data partition

2. Move E: drive rightwards to let the unallocated space be behind the system partition (C: drive) and click OK.

Move the data partition

3. Choose the system partition (C: drive) and right click it. Then extend system partition by clicking "Resize/Move partition".

Extend system partition

4. Click Apply.

For more detailed information, please visit resizing and moving partitions.

Apart from the partition manager functions, there are another features in EaseUS partition software, merge partition, resize dynamic disk, repair raid 5 volume, partition recovery, copy wizard like copy disk, copy dynamic volume. More basic and advanced partitioning features.

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EaseUS Partition Master Server $127.20 $159