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How to resize Windows Server partition without Partition Magic Server?

Is Partition Magic Server available for resizing Server Partition?

Partition Magic is one of the most popular and famous software to resize partition. It's known to all that Partition Magic has transferred its ownership from PowerQuest Corporation to Symantec, and Symantec has stopped offering it. So if your Operation System is Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, Partition Magic Server is unavailable to resize server partitions.

This document is about to introduce Partition Magic Server Alternative particularly for resizing server partition to meet the needs of server users: EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition. It is a nice choice which can you resize Windows server partitions as a typical partition magic Server alternative.

Main features of EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition

EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is an ideal server partition manager for you to resize server partition at reasonable price with absolutely user-friendly interface. This server partition manager works well with server and non-server Windows Systems - 2000 Server/Advanced Server, 2003/2008 Server and Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP and Vista/Windows 7/8.

It offers basic features to partition Servers:

Note: Backup your data before resizing server partitions.

The partition magic server alternative software for server - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition mainly helps you resize server partitions without destroying any data. But if you still worry about your important data and files on your computer, we suggest that you backup your data to another drive with the Disk Copy or Partition Copy function built in this server partition manager before resizing your Windows server partitions.

How to partition Windows Servers with this partition magic Server alternative?

Apart from the compatibility with both Windows server and none-server and its Copy functions, this partition magic server software - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is easy to resize server partition even for common computer users.

Server partition manager software

you simply select the hard disk and a partition; click Partitions -> Resize/Move partition; on a disk map, current size of the partition is displayed on the top of the dialog box; drag the handle to the partition size you want; apply the changes and well done. Below is the interface of EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition.

For more information about how to resize server partition with EaseUS Partition Master Server, please visit: How to resize a partition on Windows Server?

You can merge two neighboring partitions directly or to merge non-adjacent partitions indirectly. System partition and boot partition can only be set as destination, the same to the partition installed EaseUS Partition Master.

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