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Windows Server partition software to resize server partition

Why do you need server partition software? Generally speaking, you need server partition software to optimize the usage of your Windows Server computers. A typical example is you need to resize your server partition to maximize its performance. This advanced function cannot be found on your Windows Server OS. Under this situation, you need reliable third-party server partition software to help you out.

Can you resize server partition with Windows Server Disk Management?

The operating system coming after Windows Server 2003, like Windows 2008/2012, can support to resize server partition. But it has many limitations and the big problem is that you can move partition.

Fortunately, there is Windows server partition software helping you to resize partition in Windows server. With the server partition software in hand, resizing server partition will be a piece of cake even for the ordinary users. EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is such reliable server partition software which performs advanced partitioning operations - Resize/Move FAT and NTFS for server partitions.

EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition

ALL-IN-ONE Windows Server disk management toolkit

$127.20 $159.00

An example of resizing server partition with server partition software

One day I came across the EaseUS Partition Master, which is the real server partition software for all the web masters. It was the first server partition software that really did what I needed. The highlight - I finally was able to get rid of these 1 - 4 gig boot partitions on the HP NT servers I inherited. I changed 16-bit FAT to NTFS. Yes, the old NT server is still booting and performing well with a 6-gig boot partition (the size of the boot drive). This server partition software can resize partition on Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 server as it claims.

The platform for this easy and safe server partition software

Over these years I found out I'm not the only one with HP systems and a small C partition, HP is not the only server with small partitions as well. EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition - the best server partition software I met - works well with your Compaq, DELL, IBM and DELL Power Edge servers, including the ones with PERC or CERC RAID configurations. You may see its main board screenshot below:

Server partition manager software

Use this server partition software with your IBM eServer x2xx, x3xx, x4xx and the newer x3xxx. I personally use it with and without the add-on Serve Raid 5i and 6i.

This server partition software not only can do resizing, but also can merge partitions, copy partition/disk for data transfer and recover lost partition. Besides the management of basic disk, it can also manage dynamic disk: convert dynamic disk to basic, resize dynamic volume, copy dynamic volume and repair RAID-5 volume.

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EaseUS Partition Master Server $127.20 $159