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What is a GPT disk and how to create a GPT disk?

What is GPT disk?

GPT is the abbreviation of GUID Partition Table. The widespread MBR partitioning scheme, dating from the early 1980s, imposed limitations which affected the use of newer hardware. Intel therefore developed a new partition-table format in the late 1990s as part of what eventually became UEFI. The GPT as of 2010 forms a subset of the UEFI specification.

GPT scheme

GPT vs. MBR: advantages of GPT disk

Compared with MBR disk, A GPT disk can support larger than 2 TB volumes where MBR cannot. GPT is poised to become the standard for hard disk partitioning because of the size limitations of the MBR. It will be the mainstream standard in the near future.

A GPT disk can be basic or dynamic, just like an MBR disk can be basic or dynamic. GPT disks also support up to 128 partitions rather than the 4 primary partitions limited to MBR. Also, GPT keeps a backup of the partition table at the end of the disk. Furthermore, GPT disk provides greater reliability due to replication and cyclical redundancy check (CRC) protection of the partition table. It can be used as a storage volume on all x64-based platforms, including platforms running Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Windows Server 2003 SP1 also enables support for GPT in x86 versions of the Windows Server 2003 family.

How to create GPT drives with EaseUS Partition Master?

EaseUS Partition Master can only convert empty disk without partitions. Please delete all the partitions on the disk. can simply convert your mbr disk into GPT now. No data loss problem will be met. And you no longer need to backup data now. If you still worry about losing data while creating GPT by converting MBR, you need backup data then.

We suggest you back up the disk by the built-in Copy Wizard of EaseUS Partition Master. Please read this article for the detailed steps: Disk Copy Wizard in EaseUS Partition Master to protect data.

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Delete all the partitions on MBR disk

2. Right click the disk; choose "Delete all partitions"choose "Convert MBR to GPT".

Initialize to GPT disk
Initialize to GPT disk

3. Click "Apply" to do all the pending operations. The disk is in GPT format now.

Note: Installing a Windows x64 Edition operating system on a GPT disk is not supported. Attempting to do so yields an error. Although Setup allows you to choose a GPT disk partition on the partition selection screen during Text Mode Setup, doing so displays an error message. To assist users in avoiding this error, the partition selection screen clearly indicates whether the partition is configured as an MBR drive or a GPT drive.

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