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How to Expand or Extend Windows 7/Windows 8 Partition without Data Loss?

Expand Windows 7 partition?

Windows 7, announcing to make your PC simpler and things you do every day easier, has come to us now. True, many Windows fans have rushed to use and test it before it releases officially and give thumb up to its good performance and advanced features. However, there is still some different voice: "Windows 7 won't let me expand partition; boot errors after expanding Windows 7 partition, things like that. How to expand or extend partition in Windows 7/Windows 8, say, expand the system partition if needed?"

Extend/Shrink partition in Disk Management

Yes, like Windows Vista, the Disk Management in Windows 7 allows you to extend or shrink partition itself, (see picture below).

extend windows 7 partition

While please note that this operation is only based on the premise that the unallocated space is required to be adjacent to the partition which you are going to expand or shrink. If not, you absolutely cannot extend any partition. And the fact is that the hard disk has been divided into two partitions generally, one for system and the other for data. If your system partition in Windows 7 is running out of space and more space are needed, or more partitions are required for a better partition organization, how can you expand or extend Windows 7 partition or repartition it?

Alternative freeware to expand/extend Windows 7 partition - EaseUS Partition Master

When Disk Management in Windows 7 cannot manage your partition as you desire or you know little about Windows, an easier and safer alternative like EaseUS Partition Master will be a much expected partition manager tool to expand partitions in Windows 7.

Expand/extend Windows 7 partition

EaseUS Partition Master, comprehensive hard disk partition tool and system optimization software for Windows-based administration, not only enables you to expand or extend Windows 7/Windows 8 partitions without data loss, including extending system partition without reboot.

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