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How to extend system/boot volume on Windows Server 2008?

Windows Server 2008 is one of Microsoft Operating Systems, like the Windows Vista which contains a built-in function to extend and shrink volume configured on the computer's physical hard disk. While is there any server partition manager to extend system/boot volume of server 2008 and simplify the work? The answer is Yes, please read on.

Extend system/boot volume on Windows Server 2008 with built-in disk management tool

The extend system/boot volume server 2008 feature is made possible in Disk Management or DISKPART command line. It is claimed that all the data is protected and will not be touched during the process. However, a previous backup is always a good habit to ensure the data security. Here we would like to introduce the way to extend system/boot volume Server 2008 with this built-in disk management tool. Just go to Server Manager, found in the Administrative Tools folder or on the My Computer context menu; scroll down till you get to the Storage section and in it go to the Disk Management console; right-click the volume that you want to extend system /boot volume Server 2008 and select Extend Volume, finish now! While it is pretty limited in this respect, one server partition tool would walk you through it easily.

Server Manager - Extend Volume

Tips: Extending system/boot volume can be only realized by Disk Management when there is unallocated space behind the system/boot volume, or else, you need a third-party server partition software.

Extend system/boot volume Server 2008 with Server partition manager software

As we have introduced the extend volume feature that built-in Windows Server 2008 Disk Management above, we get to know that some other advanced partition operations are not possible with this built-in features, usually, a third-party server partition software will be needed to help you to extend system partition of Server 2008 without any limitations.

Here we would like to introduce you one reliable and cost-effective server partition manager software to realize both the basic and advanced partitioning operations. That is EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition. Just as its name indicated, it supports all the Windows Server Operating Systems, including Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012. Some other Windows Operating Systems are also supported like Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 32 and 64 bit systems.

Server 2008 partition manager software

Aside from extending volume feature, other advanced partition operations are also provided with this 2008 partition manager software. Basic partition features like resize and move partition, create partition, merge partition, format partition, delete partition, convert FAT to NTFS partition, explore partition, hide/unhide partition, set active partition, change drive letter, etc. Advanced partition features like extend NTFS system partition without reboot to minimize server downtime, copy wizard (including copy dynamic volume) to backup all the data and copy entire drive without reinstalling Windows system, full support of 64bit system and hardware RAID, bootable CD/DVD in case of boot failure. Detailed features.

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