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Repartition external hard drive with free partition manager

With widely uses of external hard drive, many people once have a bad experience of external hard drive management. So this article will mainly introduce you a free external hard drive partition manager to manage and repartition external hard drive safely and easily.

External hard drive

An external hard disk drive, a type of hard disk drive which is connected to a computer by a USB cable or other means, has become extremely popular as it allows users to backup or store important information separate from the main internal hard drive, which could become compromised by online or offline activities.

And portable and safe, people now have heavily relied on external hard drive and get used to storing their important information, sensitive documents, large music files, DVD images, movies, disk images, and even a backup of the contents of your main internal hard drive on the external hard drive.

External hard drive does solve storage space and security problems to a larger extend, while the question now comes with how to manage and repartition external hard drive for effective usage.

How can I repartition external hard drive?

Yes, is your external hard drive structure not fulfilling storage requirements? Do you need to repartition your external hard drive like the case below?

Thank you to all that answered my question about my external hard drive being partitioned into three sections. I would like to know how I can repartition external hard drive without losing any of my files.

No doubt, the answer is positive. Actually, you can repartition external hard drive in several ways, like repartition hard drive with built-in partition utility in Windows, or using third party partition manager. While as the partition function built-in Windows is limited for many cases, here we introduce you professional third party external hard drive partition manager - EaseUS Partition Master, which enables you to manage and repartition external hard drive easily, and create, format, merge, delete or copy partition on the external hard drive.

 DownloadWin Version

Pay attention: Before you repartition your external hard drive,we strongly recommend you backup data with system built-in tools or free backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Free.

EaseUS free external hard drive partition manager
EaseUS free external hard drive partition manager

EaseUS Partition Master is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that comes in handy when trying to manage and control external hard drive such as repartition, Resize/Move partition, Create partition, Delete partition, Copy partition, Defragment, partitioning, etc in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32/64 bit and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008. you can learn more EaseUS Partition Master main features.

And repartitioning hard drive is a way to better utilize the space on an external hard drive or just to better organize your data and your programs. While repartition an external hard drive is possible but hazardous, so your first priority is to back up your essential data. After that, you can repartition the external hard drive using EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition, read more here for:
How to repartition external hard drive?

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