How to increase partition size in Windows 7/8 with Magic Partition Manager?

Why need increase partition size in Windows 7/Windows 8

How to increase partition size in Windows 7? What can you do when the system partition is seriously out of space? I guess most computer users have come across such question and expect an easier and safer solution to increase partition size for their Windows 7. Yes, things always happen, such as the original system partition for XP may be much smaller for Windows 7 when you upgrade to Windows 7, the system partition is out of space now for dual boot system Windows 7 and XP, or even to duel boot Windows 10 with Windows 8/7. Therefore, to increase the system partition in Windows 7 would be urgent for fast Windows performance.

After year-long usage for work and pleasure, the hard drive may be fully scrammed with all kinds of things, and it is very essential to optimize the system partition and manage the hard disk comprehensively. Certainly, a magic partition manager will be a must-have tool to increase partition size, extend system partition, and manage the hard disk without data loss for your Windows 7.

How to increases partition size in Windows 7 with EaseUS Partition Master

Which partition manager do you choose for your Windows 7 partition toolkit? Recommended by editor in "If you need more partitioning power than the Windows operating system's native Disk Management provides, you should take a closer look at EaseUS Partition Master".

EaseUS Partition Master, no doubt, is the perfect partition manager you should choose -- one that's easy, reliable, versatile, non-destructive and provides you basic and advanced features to manage your hard disk in Windows 7: increase partition size, extend system partition, resize/move partition, merge partitions, create and delete partition, copy partition (dynamic disk), etc. Even you are available to extend the NTFS system partition without reboot, which is especially helpful for server users. Why not do it now and try it by yourself.

increase Windows 7 partition

How to increase partition size in Windows 7 with magic partition manager?

To increase partition size in Windows 7 with third party partition manager like EaseUS Partition Master would be the easiest solution. Just several mouse clicks, it increases the partition size as a magic. Free download it now and follow the instructions to increase your Windows 7 partition size.

1.Select partition that you need to extend by clicking “Resize/move Partition”; Drag the mouse pinpoint to extend or increase partition size in Windows 7.

2.If the unallocated space is not behind the partition that you want to extend, drag the unallocated space behind the partition firstly. Then repeat step 1. After this, adjust partition size, drag the pinpoint or input exact partition size that you want to extend.

3.Click Apply. Then all the process will be finished.

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