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2016-10-11 17:27:45 Posted by Barbie to Resource

To clone a partition for backing up data completely can be easy with the best partition clone software - EasUS Partition Master. It will be easy to clone an entire partition with EaseUS Partition Master.

Partition Clone on a hard drive can be useful, either as a means of making a backup, or for distribution of an identical environment to multiple computers. Backup should be essential to those who spend a lot of time on computer or use your computer for storing important personal or business dealings. There are many ways you can unintentionally lose your data, such as careless deletion, formatted, lost partition, virus infection, unexpected shutdown, etc. So in the case of data loss, by backing up, you can still get your files back easily on backup disks or other safe places where you choose to back up your data.

Partition cloning is a category of software which copies the contents of one partition on the hard disk to another or into an "image" (a file). Often, the contents of the first partition are written to an image file as an intermediate step, and the second partition is loaded with the contents of the image. After cloning, if your source partition failed to access, you can still restore your files from the backup partition.

One would think it would be easy; unfortunately some operating systems seem to go out of their way to make it difficult. The normal disk/partition clone software usually just clones system-readable data. This can only be used for common file-by-file backup. However, with long file names, the use of swap files and the Windows registry, it is no longer possible to safely clone partition from one partition to another file-by-file, and it is also quite a different thing if you want to copy Operating System from one partition to another.

The latest version of EaseUS Partition Master is released with the new function: Partition/disk copy, which enables users to clone exactly duplication partition/disk, including system-readable data and recoverable data. The sector by sector copy makes cloned partition completely intact. That means you will never lose any data even the system neglected. No intermediate file is created in the process. Unlike a disk imaging tool, the Partition/Disk Copy Wizard of EaseUS Partition Master does not save the image to partition/disk (for backup or other purpose) but applies it directly to the selected partition/disk. With it, you can create a complete clone of your partition.

The partition/disk cloning utility of EaseUS Partition Master is rather safe as it does not generally change any existing data, just copy 100% identity of the original to a new partition. Partition copy is fairly simple, and pretty easy to use. You can learn the step by step instructions here:

Partition Copy

This method helps you copy the partition or whole hard disk to another one, if you want to backup the partition or whole hard disk to an image archive, you may use another free backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup, which provides easy-to-use interface to backup and restore your system, disk and partition within minutes.