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Easiest and safest solution to repartition RAID 5 on Windows Server

RAID, especially RAID 5, is a technology preferred by Windows Server users for its great level of data reliability and input/output performance. Thus, to optimize the usage of Windows Server, IT administrators need to repartition RAID (RAID 5) regularly. This article will help you get better understanding of RAID 5, and provide the safest solution to repartition RAID 5 on Windows Server.

What Is RAID 5?

A RAID 5 uses block-level striping with parity data distributed across all member disks. RAID 5 has achieved popularity due to its low cost of redundancy. RAID 5 has achieved popularity due to its low cost of redundancy. RAID 1 or RAID 10, which yields redundancy, gives only S / 2 storage capacities. While In RAID 5, the yield is S = (N-1) / N.

As an example, four 1TB drives can be made into a 2 TB redundant array under RAID 1 or RAID 10, but the same four drives can be used to build a 3 TB array under RAID 5. Although RAID 5 is commonly implemented in a disk controller, it can also be done at the Operating System level. A minimum of three disks is required for a complete RAID 5 configuration. In some implementations a degraded RAID 5 disk set can be made (three disk set of which only two are online), while supports a fully-functional (non-degraded) RAID 5 setup with two disks - which function as a slow RAID1, but can be expanded with further volumes

Easiest and safest Solution to repartition RAID 5

Repartitioning RAID 5 is a regular task for IT administrators to maximize the performance of their Windows Server computers. Since Windows Servers always store the most important data of a company, IT administrators should be extremely careful when choosing software to work on their server computer, including partition software to repartition their RAID 5. Fortunately, EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is such an easy-to-use and safe partition tool which works perfectly with hardware RAID and can repartition RAID 5 without data loss.

Repartition RAID 5 without data loss with RAID 5 partitioning software

Compatible with all types of hardware RAID (e.g. RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5) on both Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 and desktop 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32 and 64 bit systems, EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition provides a range of powerful functions to repartition RAID, especially RAID 5, including: Resize and Move partitions, Copy partition, Copy disk,Create and Delete partitions, Format partitions, Convert partitions, set active partition, etc.

Among these functions, Partition Copy Wizard and Disk Copy Wizard offer you an easy way to back up your valued data before any operations on your RAID 5 partition. Resize utility allows you to resize your RAID 5 without any data loss.

Below is the user-friendly interface of EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition.

EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition-Repartition RAID 5

To repartition RAID 5 on a single server computer without destroying data, EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is the safest and easiest solution. Furthermore, EaseUS Partition Master Unlimited Edition is more cost-efficient for large enterprises allowing unlimited usage within one company.

If you need to repartition RAID 5 on your Windows Server computer, why not download this program to test its amazing function to repartition RAID 5 and, of course, all other types of hardware RAID?

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