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How to resize a Windows Server 2003 partition?

Why need to resize Server 2003 partitions?

Partitions or separate divisions are created on hard disk drive for better administration, space management and access control. By dividing in to server partitions, users can make a different use of each, such as one partition for installing system and others for storing files. Partitions contribute a lot to the security control and resource management, especially for a server which have a large database. Many users who partition their hard disk drive always come across a common problem: the size of their partitions cannot meet the needs.

Windows Server 2003 users might have a full consideration to the sizes of their partitions while creating. However, things are changeable and problems may come out, e.g. there is not enough free space on system partition C: to install new software; the system is running slowly due to the inefficient free space on the disk. In theses cases, to resize Windows Server 2003 partition is most needed.

Resize Server 2003 partitions with EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition

Windows Server 2003 users may have much trouble when they try to decide to choose partition manager software to resize their partitions. As a Server user, you must consider the safety of your data for trustless partition software may lead to data loss while resizing. From my point of view, EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is reliable partition software for Windows Server 2003 Users.

EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition performs basic and advanced partition operations on your servers without data loss while resizing partitions for changes of partition can be previewed before applying to hard disk and all data is completely protected during all operations.

Resize your Windows Server 2003 partitions with EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition as following: Launch the software; Select the partition on the disk map; Use Resize/Move partition function to resize your partitions.

Resize/Move Windows Server 2003

Click "Apply" to save your operations. Then you will resize your Windows Server 2003 partitions to what you want.

Besides, if your Operating System fails to boot, EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition could manage partitions or disks by creating bootable CD/DVD.

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