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2016-03-04 13:14:28 Posted by Judie to EaseUS Partition Manager

This page introduces how to easily delete partition with diskpart command and EaseUS partition manager. You can choose the one works best for you in different cases.

Delete partition with diskpart or partition manager? 

Hard drive partition management is always an important task that faced with most computer users. Sometimes people need to delete partition due to virus attack, low disk space problem caused by dual operating system or some other reasons. But which tool will you choose to do the job, diskpart or third-party partition manager? In this page, we will talk about these two tools and introduce how to delete hard drive partition with diskpart command and EaseUS partition tool.

How to delete partition with diskpart command

Diskpart is a command-line interpreter in Windows operating system designed as disk management tool. It can be used to resolve some common disk problems, for example, create, delete, and resize hard drive partitions as well as assign or reassign drive letters. Now let’s look how to use diskpart to delete partition

1. Open the command prompt and type "diskpart".

2. After the launch of diskpart, write in the diskpart window "list volume".

3. In results, choose the partition which you want to delete with select volume "x" and type delete volume. If you receive an error type "delete volume override". Type "exit" and restart PC.

How to delete partition with EaseUS partition software

Diskpart command sometimes do help. However, there are also several limitations to delete partition with it.

  • The partition contains operating system can not be deleted.
  • The drive contains the "pagefile.sys" folder, which means the virtual memory, can not be deleted.

So sometimes, you might fail to delete a disk partition with diskpart command. Then how do you do the task? Here you might try a third-party tool. EaseUS partition software coming with many advanced disk management feature can do you a favor. It can help you delete partitions in all Windows editions with no limitations.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. Select the partition you want to delete and right click the mouse to choose "Delete partition".

Select a Partition to Delete

Step 2. After selecting Delete partition, you will see the following window. Click "OK" to apply the operation to delete a partition.

Delete Partition with EaseUS partition manager

Step 3. Click "Apply" to apply all pending operations.