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Convert Primary Partition to Logical Partition

This operation is for converting a primary volume to a logical volume and applies to basic disks whose partitioning scheme is MBR.

A basic MBR disk can have either up to four primary volumes, or up to three primary volumes plus an unlimited number of logical volumes. You need to convert a primary volume to logical if you want to create a fifth volume on a disk that currently has four primary volumes.

To convert a primary volume to logical:

  1. Right-click the primary volume that you want to convert to logical, and then click Convert to logical.
  2. Click OK to add the pending operation of converting volume to logical.
  3. The pending operation will be performed by clicking Apply. Exiting the program without applying the operation will discard it.


  1. Converting the boot volume or the system volume to logical volume is not available. Otherwise, the machine will likely become unbootable.
  2. The size of the converted volume might be slightly different from that of the original primary volume, as some space might be required to store supplementary information.