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How to hide partitions?


Hiding partition will protect important information from unauthorized or casual access.

To hide partitions, please follow below steps:

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Main board of EaseUS Partition Master

2. Select a partition in the disk map of EaseUS Partition Master.

3. Click "Partitions" > "Hide partition", or right click mouse to choose "Hide partition".

Select Partition to Hide

4. Click "OK" in the Hide Partition window to apply the hiding operation.

Complete Hide Partition

*To unhide a partition, repeat the steps above but click "Unhide partition" in menu.

Unhide Partition


1. You cannot hide current system partition and the button is not shown.

System Partition Cannot be Hidden

2. Drive letters will be changed after you hide or unhide partitions.

3. You cannot visit the hidden partitions in "My Computer".

Hidden Partition Cannot be Visited

Hidden Partition Cannot be Visited

4. You are not suggested to unhide the system restore partition whose property is "Hide", or else, the system will not be able to boot, and system restore cannot run.