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Initialize to MBR Disk

This feature allows you to initialize a disk into MBR mode. If you add one or more new disks to your machine, you need to initialize them - that is, to register disks in the Operating System. The newly detected disks appear in the disks and volumes list as Not initialized.

To initialize a disk to MBR disk:

1. Select the empty disk.

2. Right-click the disk and select "Initialize to MBR", or select "Disk -> Initialize to MBR" in the main menu.

3. A pending operation of initializing disk to MBR disk will be added.

After the initialization, all the disk space remains unallocated and so still impossible to be used for program installation or file storage. To be able to use the MBR disk, you need to either create a new volume.


  • This feature can process disk without any partitions only. MBR partition mode supports a disk with a maximum size of 2 TB.
  • This feature is not available in bootable CD.