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Main Window

The main window includes an action panel with a shortcut for common tasks and an overview of pending operations, a map of each disk, and a list of the partitions on the selected disk.
The menu bar and a toolbar appear at the top of the window. The menu bar offers you the access to all of EaseUS Partition Master's features. The toolbar gives you quick access to commonly used options. When the pointer is over a toolbar, the status bar shows what the button does.

You can customize the main screen by clicking commands on the View menu.
Note that the main screen is a little bit different if you run EaseUS Partition Master from the Bootable Disks.

Disk Map

The disk map shows the partitions approximately for scale and also unallocated space (space not assigned to any partition). You can also display hard disks to scale by clicking View > Disk Map Location. Each partition is represented by a different color according to the file system it uses. If the selected hard disk contains logical partitions, then the logical partitions are shown within an extended partition.
Each partition is color-coded to show the file system it uses and the used and unused space within the partition. A legend is displayed just above the status bar located at the bottom of the EaseUS Partition Master window. You can use the Legend to help you understand the different colors in the disk map and partition list.

Partition List

The partition list displays the following information about each partition: drive letter, volume label, file system type, size, amount of used and unused space in megabytes, status, and whether the partition is a primary or logical one.
An asterisk (*) appears in front of a drive letter for:

  • Hidden partitions
  • None drive letter partitions. Partitions with file systems not supported by the active operating system
  • Unallocated space (space not currently assigned to any partition)

A partition's status can be:

  • Active: The partition the computer boots from.
  • Hidden: Partitions that do not have a drive letter. Partitions can be hidden by the operating system (which may hide all primary partitions except the active one), or you can hide partitions with EaseUS Partition Master.
  • None: Partitions that are not active or hidden.