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Merge Partition

When a partition is low disk space, you would want to merge two partitions as single larger one. Then there will be more free space to use. And merge disk partition feature can help you achieve your goal.

To merge partitions:

  • Select the partition to be merged.
  • Click Partitions > Merge partition.
  • Select a partition, the size of which you need to increase by up-taking contents of an adjacent partition.
  • Choose the second partition for the merge operation, the contents of which will be placed in a folder on the merged partition. By default, the program offers an easy-to-understand folder name to store files of the second partition.
  • Click OK to add the pending operation.

The following is an example to merge partition D and F with EaseUS Partition Master.

Step one: Launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Step two: Select the partition F, right click it and then select Merge partition.

Select Merge partition

Step three: In this Merge partition window, choose partition D: and F: in the partition layout.

Select partitions to merge

Step four: Choose the merge destination: Partition D in the drop-down list of "Merge selected partitions to".

Select partition you merge to

Step five: Click OK, the program will check file system on the partitions.

Step six: Click Apply, you have successfully merged the partition F into partition D.

Merge partitions

Video Tutorial: How to merge partition?

EaseUS Partition Master only supports to merge NTFS, FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 partitions. And the maximum size of the merged partition is less than 4TB (1TB=1024GB).


  • EaseUS Partition Master support merging partitions on basic disk only. It cannot merge dynamic volumes.
  • You can merge the NTFS partitions of different cluster size.
  • The two partitions which will be merged must be adjacent. It means that there are no other partitions except unallocated space between the two partitions which will be merged.
  • After merging completed, the size of the merged partition will be the total size of the original two partitions. If there is unallocated space between the two operating partitions, it also will be merged into new partition.
  • The operating partitions should not be a hidden partition. However, it can be the partition which has no driver letter.
  • In order to ensure a bootable system, the boot partition and system partition cannot be merged as the second partition. In other words, you cannot merge boot partition and system partition to another partition, only other partitions can be merged to them. This rule also applies to the partition where EaseUS Partition Master installed.
  • The unused space of the operating partitions should be more than 5% of the total partition space.
  • After merging a FAT 16 partition and a FAT 32 partition or both of the partitions are FAT16 file system, the file system of the merged partition will be changed into FAT32 automatically.
  • NTFS partition cannot be merged into FAT partition.