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View Partition Properties


You will know more detailed information of the partition by view the properties of the partition, like used or unused size, partition type, serial number, physical sector information, etc.

To view the Partition Properties:

If you want to view the property of a partition, please do as the following steps. (In this case, suppose you want to view the properties of drive D:)

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and you will see the main board as well as a disk map below the function buttons.

2. Select drive D:, right click the mouse and choose the Properties or you can click Partitions > View properties or select View properties in the sidebar.

3. A window will pop up with the detailed information of the D: drive. There are three tags on the popped-up window: "Usage", "Partition Info" and "NTFS Info"( if it is a FAT partition, it will display as "FAT Info")

*Used and Unused as well as the total size of the partition are displayed on the "Usage" tag.

*Partition type, Serial number and information of Physical sector are indicated on the "Partition Info" tag.

*Partition type information will display on the last tag.


Based on the file system that the partition uses, different pages will appear.