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1. Why Do You Need Migrate OS to HDD/SSD?

5 major reasons for migrating OS to HDD/SSD

1. Expand storage space for OS and solve low disk space problem;

2. Optimize computer's working efficiency: migrating OS to an advanced disk will optimize computer’s performance;

3. Upgrade hard disk: migrating OS will save time and energy than system re-installation;

4. Overcome shortages of HDD/SSD: migrating OS will help to overcome shortages on HDD/SSD;

5. Protect data: prevent losing data and keep original files, documents and even apps safely without reinstalling new system.

1. Get EaseUS Partition Master

2. Useful Tutorial for Disk Management

2. Find Effective & Secure Solution to Migrate OS to HDD/SSD

Backup system and important data firstly.
This is the best way to avoid losing vital data while migrating OS to HDD/SSD.
Choose Effective & Secure Solution to Migrate OS to HDD/SSD
EaseUS Partition Master specializes in partition managing jobs, which is designed with "Migrate OS to HDD/SSD" feature, allowing users to move or migrate system with ease.

3. Apply EaseUS Partition Master & Migrate OS to HDD/SSD

Download EaseUS Partition Master and follow next steps to migrate OS to HDD/SSD now!

  • Launch EaseUS Partition Master, click "Migrate OS to HDD/SSD" and select HDD or SSD as destination disk.
  • Confirm to delete all partitions and data in the destination disk so to offer space for migrating all OS system and data into the destination disk.
  • Resize partition: you can manually adjust the partition size in the destination disk or let the program set the size by default and click OK to finish the OS migration job.

4. Migrate OS to HDD/SSD under Different Windows OS

Whatever Windows OS you are using, EaseUS Partition Master can all help migrate OS to HDD/SSD without losing any data!

5. Other Recommended Software to Assist Migrating OS to HDD/SSD

Here you may find some recommended software that may help migrate OS to HDD/SSD and better manage data for you.

Backup & Recovery Software

EaseUS Todo Backup offers comprehensive and cost-effective methods for PC or Server users to backup system and data in case of losing data for OS migration.

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Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides easy and effective solutions for retrieving data from PC, laptop, hard drive etc if data get lost during the process of OS migration.

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