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2016-09-28 13:55:05 Posted by Barbie to EaseUS Partition Manager

Best free PartitionGuru alternative 2016!EaseUS Partition Master is Eassos PartitionGuru like software facilitating disk and partition management, making partition recovery, data recovery, file recovery possible.

People who have used PartitionGuru ever take a different attitude towards such a product. On one hand, it's a powerful PC assistant, admittedly, with which people are permitted to freely control their partitions by resizing, formatting, deleting, creating, or hiding partitions; but on the other hand, not all people get used to it even for a long time, let alone make a full use of it. Why is that?

In fact, PartitionGuru is more than a disk and partition management program. It also functions as data recovery, partition recovery as well as partition backup solution. It is a bunch of features that makes the software complicated in every aspect.

For example, the user interface is designed with orange, light and dark blue, black, rose, yellow... at least 6 bright colors! The first sight will surely make people feel dazzled. Also the functions on the table are showcased totally in a mess. What's worse, the software main interface is stuffed with characters, numbers and letters. Friendly reminder, if you're not so good at dealing things sophisticated, there might be another way out. Try a free PartitionGuru like software that offers an easier operation but for better working efficacy.

EaseUS Partition Master - best free PartitionGuru alternative with countless partitioning functions available

As we've reviewed, PartitionGuru majors in disk management and data recovery. It's undeniable that such a powerful program does some good to people in needs, however, its awful design rejects the majority of average users with little patience and technical knowledge to look into the traits and learn how to use them. So why not turn to an alternative? EaseUS free partition manager works the same with PartitionGuru in disk and partition management as well as partition recovery or even better, because it outweighs its competitor so much in terms of user experience.

Disk/partition management

People always feel astonished by EaseUS Partition Master, its ease of use, simplicity, wizard-like guidance, visual experience, organized and logical display of features... as the screenshot below shows. This program asks for no professional knowledge about how to create, format, resize, delete, wipe, split, merge partitions or convert GPT disk to MBR disk or Migrate OS to SSD or convert FAT to NTFS... It's all about a fast automatic task that is led step by step.

EaseUS Partition Master - best free PartitionGuru like software

Partition recovery

This extra partition recovery feature is extremely helpful when you accidentally formatted or deleted a partition and lost all data on it. Of cause, it applies to other cases of partition data loss, such as partition table is destroyed by malware or viruses which makes your partition invisible.

All in all, EaseUS Partition Master can certainly be the best free PartitionGuru like software. Use this perfect PartitionGuru alternative or equivalent to have a full control of your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista computer hard drive and partitions.