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How to wipe hard disk unallocated space?

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2016-10-09 11:26:16 Posted by Daisy to EaseUS Partition Manager

Free to wipe hard disk unallocated space to delete files permanently. It is a reliable way to ensure privacy. Free download EaseUS Partition Master.

You may try the following methods to delete unwanted data: simply delete the files or format the partition. Actually formatting and even deleting a partition leaves hard disk sector contents the same, certain amount of information can still be there on your hard disk, unauthorized access to this private information can cause data leakages. So you need EaseUS Partition Master to wipe hard disk unallocated space.

To wipe unallocated disk space

1, Download EaseUS Partition Master and install it on your computer.

2, Launch EaseUS Partition Master and go to main screen.

3, Select unallocated space in EaseUS Partition Master main window, right click the unallocated space and choose Wipe data.

Wipe unallocated space

4, In the Wipe data window, enter a number of times to wipe the unallocated space.

Set times to wipe data

5, Click Apply.

Tip: This feature is available to basic disk.

You can refer to more information about data deletion: delete partition, format partition, wipe disk, wipe partition.