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Change NTFS Partition Size without Data Loss

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2016-09-22 15:28:04 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Change NTFS partition size with the best and widely used partition tool can safely, especially enlarge NTFS partition online, which helps you resize/move, create, delete, format, drive/partition copy, etc.

What do you concern the most about when you need to change NTFS partition size? Easy operation? Data security? I think the answer is "both". To fulfill diverse needs of computer users to change NTFS partition size easily and safely, this article will provide you the best solution to change NTFS partition size without any data loss.

What Is NTFS?

It is the abbreviation of New Technology File System. NTFS is a standard file system of Windows NT, including its later versions in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Advantages of NTFS, such as:

1. NTFS file and folder permissions: Using NTFS permissions we can control access to every file on an NTFS volume. We can configure permissions at each level of the directory structure to meet our needs for allowing and/or preventing access to files and folders.

2. The Encrypting File System: Using a public/private key pair, EFS provides strong cryptographic encryption of files and folders that is extremely resistant to attack and compromise.

3. File compression: The NTFS file system supports encryption on both files and folders. NTFS uses a lossless compression algorithm, which ensures that no data is lost when compressing and decompressing data.

4. Disk space quota management: Using disk quotas enables us to control the amount of data that users can store on the NTFS volumes. The disk quota system enables us to determine when users are nearing their limits and automatically prevent usage after a user has reached his defined quota limitation.

5. Big volume mount: We can finally escape the 26 volume limit on a computer by using volume mount points.

Why We Need to Change NTFS Partition Size?

As NTFS file system includes so many advantages, it has been widely used by both home and enterprise users. In our daily life, we may encounter follow problems:

  • More and more applications are installed, so the system partition become low disk space and need to be enlarged to optimize the performance of your system.
  • A new hard drive needs to be repartitioned to spare out more space but we do not want to reinstall the operating system as well as everything else.
  • The NTFS data partition become full as new files are written continuously, especially when this partition is used to store data base, video, movie, photo, etc. So we want to resize NTFS partition, especially enlarge partition to utilize the free space on other partitions.
  • There are only one or two partitions, so we want to change NTFS partition size and create more without data loss or OS reinstallation.
  • There are too many partitions and we want to merge or delete partitions without data loss.

So we will believe that a reliable partition management tool is so important. EaseUS Partition Master is such a tool, with which we can not only change NTFS partition size, but extend ntfs partition without reboot, disk copy, copy dynamic volume and more.

How to change NTFS partition size?

The steps to change NTFS partition size are so simple that the common users can handle it. There are two methods:

Note: It is important to backup data before resizing partitions, because nothing is 100% secure.

1. Choose right edition of EaseUS Partition Master and install it. After that, launch EaseUS Partition Master, choose the partition that we want to resize, right click, and use "Resize/Move partition" to adjust whatever size we need. See the screenshot below.

Change NTFS Partition Size

2. Launch the program and choose the partition on disk map of main window, just drag the right of left borderline to change NTFS partition size. Drag the central place to move the NTFS partition.

The most important, EaseUS partition Master is safe without data loss, it can extend NTFS partition without rebooting including the system partition.