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Do Not Understand Windows Diskpart Commands? Try Its Alternative

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2016-09-23 10:04:39 Posted by Barbie to Resource

EaseUS partition master, the most recommended Windows diskpart command line free alternative, can do everything the diskpart.exe could reach, however, in a more flexible and user-friendly way.

Is diskpart.exe your right choice?

Computer savvy and technicians are mostly very good at applying Diskpart, which is a text-mode command interpreter in Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server. Diskpart.exe enables Microsoft Windows users to manage objects including disks, partitions and volumes by using scripts or direct input at command prompt.

Or we explain the tool in a simple and understood way. Your hard drives, also some external USBs, SD cards, external HDDs or SSDs, sometimes need some modifying or altering. For example, change a partition size, format drive partition, create a second partition or more, change a file system, convert GPT, convert MBR, assign a drive letter, break volumes, etc. All the needs could be satisfied as long as you apply DiskPart without any issue.

Here we stress one point. Only can you achieve the goal of managing hard disk, partitions and volumes in a happy way by proficiently utilizing diskpart.exe program, which no doubt asks for profound knowledge in all diskpart command lines. So is diskpart.exe program your right choice? I believe that the major ordinary computer users are not on the list.

EaseUS Partition Master - the most recommended diskpart commands free alternative

Here we send a simple, flexible, rich-featured and user-friendly diskpart commands alternative to home and office users, to help them conduct disk and partition management freely. It's EaseUS free partition manager that entitles the best. See how it competes with diskpart.exe program in some core features.

EaseUS Partition Master

What makes EaseUS Partition Master Free a better diskpart.exe alternative?

1. No requirement for computer IT knowledge and technical background.

2. No requirement for a little bit diskpart commands understanding.

3. All-around features included in DiskPart.

For example, create partition, increase partition, shrink partition, format partition, wipe partition, merge/combine/split partitions, assign drive letter, convert file system between FAT and NTFS, convert disk between MBR and GPT, view disk/partition property, set an active partition, disk surface test...

4. Additional features not included in DiskPart

What makes the diskpart alternate software brilliant is that more features are designed in it. The huge demand of migrate OS to HDD/SSD, copy partitions, create USB bootable disk and recover lost/deleted partitions can also be solved by EaseUS partition manager features without a hitch. In addition, you can use the software to enhance PC's performance by cleaning junk files and extreme large files that are useless