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Extend Mirrored Dynamic Disk on Windows Server Safely

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2016-10-18 16:16:00 Posted by Judie to Resource

It is impossible to extend mirrored dynamic disk by normal method directly, but with EaseUS Partition Master, you can extend dynamic partition on Mirrored Volume indirectly and safely.

Comparing with basic disk, dynamic disk has many advantages but two typical disadvantages.

1. If you convert a basic disk to dynamic, you cannot convert dynamic disk back to basicwithout data loss by Windows built-in disk management, as you need to delete all dynamic volume firstly before converting.

2. In most conditions, the dynamic volume still cannot be extended, especially for System volume, Boot volume, Mirrored Volume. And many people would encounter this problem if they need to extend mirrored dynamic disk.

Here we will introduce you how to resize dynamic disk: use EaseUS partition management software to convert dynamic disk to basic or directly resize the mirrored volume.

Extending mirrored volume can only be available when there is unallocated space behind the mirrored volume. If there is no such available space for your choice, you can choose the second solution below to extend mirrored volume by converting dynamic disk to basic.

Solution 1: Extend mirrored volume by converting dynamic disk to basic

Step 1: Right click "My Computer" and choose "Manage" -> "Storage" -> "Disk Management".

Step 2: Right click the mirrored volumes and choose "Break Mirrored Volume" to break mirrored volumes or choose "Remove Mirror" to remove mirror.

If the boot/system partition is on the mirrored volumes, you can only choose "Remove Mirror" to remove mirror. Please backup your important data before this operation.

Break mirrored volumes

Step 3: Choose right edition of EaseUS Partition Master and install it.

  • Launch EaseUS Partition Master
  • Select dynamic disk which you want and choose "Convert to basic disk" or right click the dynamic disk and choose "Convert to basic disk".

Choose Convert to Basic Disk for free

Step 4: Click "Apply" to convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

After EaseUS Partition Master applies these changes, you will see the dynamic disk has been become basic disk in Windows Disk Management. And then you can use "Resize/Move partition" feature of EaseUS Partition Master to resize partitions on the basic disk.

Step 5: After the dynamic disk with mirrored volume being converted to basic and the volumes are resized, you can convert it back to dynamic.

convert back to dynamic

Add a new mirrored volume to the resized new dynamic volume.

add new mirrored volume

Solution 2: Directly resize mirrored volume by EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master allows you to directly resize the mirrored volume as you wish. You are freely to extend or shrink the mirrored volumes.

1. Download EaseUS Partition Master and install it on your computer.

2. Launch the program and right click the volume you want to resize. Then select "Resize/move partition".

Position the mouse pointer on the right partition handle to extend or shrink the selected volume, or you can directly put in a size number. Click OK, and you will see the size change of the volume in the disk layout.

Choose resize volume

3. Click Apply to execute the operation.