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Best Free Partition Alternative for Surface Book

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2016-03-03 15:27:59 Posted by Declan Morris to Free Partition Manager Software

How to convert partition, resize partition, create new partition or change partition table on Surface Book can be easy now. Free partition alternative for Surface Book from EaseUS software allows you to effortlessly manage Surface tablet partition without any obstacles.

To convert partition, change partition table, resize partitions or create new partitions in Surface Book can be easily realized on your own now. EaseUS software makes it simple and easy for all Surface Book users to manage partition problems with its free partition alternative. And this professional Surface Book partition alternative software is available and free in the article for you to get and start managing partitions now. 

Surface Book partition management problem

Finally, you get the longing Surface Book and everything works so great in this new tablet. After downloading all wanted apps and software in your Surface Book, you realize that it’s not a good way to store all data in the same partition. You need to create more partitions and you may also want to add more space to your system disk. 

Some Surface Book users may even want to convert partition to install some particular apps or software. How to solve all these partition management problems? Though it seems that Windows disk management tool can help users to solve some partition problems. But it’s still not a great idea to apply this tool to create new partitions or resize partitions in Surface Book. It’s not recommended for you to try Windows built-in disk management tool if you are not quite familiar with it. Professional partition alternative software is what you really need. 

How to get partition alternative for Surface Book?

How to get such a partition alternative for Surface Book? Is it possible to get a free but effective one for managing Surface Book partition? Here we recommend you to use EaseUS Partition Master Free - free partition alternative software from EaseUS software, allowing Surface Book users to create, resize, extend or even convert partitions without any obstacles. You can free get this alternative software and start managing Surface Book partitions now. 

Apply free partition alternative for Surface Book to manage partitions

EaseUS Partition Master Free is copyrighted partition magic software for Surface tablets which allows inexperienced Surface tablets users to manage partitions with ease. It’s 100% free and secure. No technical skills are needed. Now let’s take how to create partitions on Surface Book for example and see how to use this software:

Step 1. Download EaseUS Partition Master and launch it on your Surface tablets.

EaseUS Partition Master Free - best free partition alternative for Surface Book.

Step 2. Right-click unallocated space in Surface tablet and then choose “Create partition”. Adjust new partition size.

If there is no unallocated space, you need shrink the partition size firstly by right-clicking the partition and choose “Reize/move partition”. You can drag the partition handle to shrink the partition directly.

Step 3. Click “Apply” .

After this, you’ll have a new partition in your Surface Book then. If you are feeling helpless or have no idea about how to manage Surface tablet partitions, let EaseUS Partition Master Free - the best free partition alternative help.