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Best Free Partition Creator for Windows 10/8/7

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2016-05-04 13:29:38 Posted by Declan Morris to Free Partition Manager Software

To create partitions with ease on different Windows systems such as Windows 10/8/7 can be easy now. Best free partition creator from EaseUS software helps you to create partitions, resize or extend partitions within only 3 steps.

Why need partition creator?

After reinstalling systems, upgrading hard disks or deleting partitions, we usually have to face a new problem which is to create partitions. How to create partitions? Use the disk management tool or find other solutions? If you are looking for an easy way without losing any data, you’ll need partition creator to help you easily create partitions in your computer.

If you are trying to create more partitions to store and classify data in your computer, you’ll need partition creator. Indeed, partition creation tasks can be easily done by Windows disk management tool if you are professional in computers or know quite well about how to manage partitions in Windows. But if you are just a new computer users or having no experiences in dealing with partition creating problems, an effective & free partition creator is what you need. 

Recommended free partition creator for all Windows users

What is partition creator? Partition creator usually refers to partition management software or tool which provides effective solutions for users to effortlessly create partitions, resize partitions or wipe disks, etc. So how to find the partition creator? You can search partition creator online, but you may not get wanted answers. And the found results may not suit you the most. 

Here we’d like to recommend you to try the best free partition creator - EaseUS Partition Master Free which makes it easy and simple for all Windows users to create partitions without losing anything. It supports all Windows OS including Windows 10/8/7/XP, etc. Free download this software and follow next steps to create partitions right now:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free and choose unallocated space to right click it. Click Create partition

EaseUS Partition Master Free is the best free partition creator.

If there is no unallocated space in your computer, you need to shrink partition firstly. And do remember to backup data in your partition firstly.

Then right click the partition which needed to be shrunk and choose “Resize/move partition”. Drag mouse pinpoint to shrink the partition and leave unallocated space to create new partitions. Repeat step 1.

EaseUS Partition Master Free - best free partition creator guides to shrink partition so to leave more unallocated space.

Step 2. Name new partition and adjust the partition size.

EaseUS Partition Master Free - best free partition creator guides to create partitions.

Step 3. Click Apply to finish all process.

Now you have successfully created partitions with this free partition creator. If you are still no clear about how to create partition with Ease Partition Master Free, please follow next video tutorial: