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2016-10-27 09:08:03 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

EaseUS Partition Master Free is a free Windows partition manager for all Windows users. It is a powerful and free Windows Vista partition manager for users to free resize, delete, format, merge and even convert partitions easily.

Overview of Windows Vista Partition Management

When will you need to manage your Windows Vista partition? When a case like C drive is out of space happens, you'll need to extend your C drive then. In Windows Vista, it's very easy to change the size of the partition or resize partition by using EaseUS Partition Master Free, which is also able to change drive letters or paths. Partitions with NTFS, FAT32 or FAT file system can be resized with the Disk Management utility. But Windows Vista cannot move partitions, that is to say, you cannot expand a partition by shrinking other partitions, the only choice is to create a new partition. EaseUS Partition Master can resize the partitions without any data loss or the need to delete and remove the existing partition and recreate the partition with new size.

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How to resize partition size or change the size of partitions in Windows Vista?

No.1 Disk Management

  • Click on the Start button, and then right-click on Computer and select Manage.
  • In the Computer Management console, click and expand Storage branch, and click on Disk Management to open and select partitions. Then right-click the selected partition by choosing "Delete Volume", "Shrink Volume", "Extend Volume" etc.

Notice: Do backup data before you performing the above operations. Or you'll lose data on your Windows Vista partitions.

No.2 Try EaseUS Partition Master Free - free Windows Vista partition manager

1. EaseUS Partition Master Free displays details of all available volumes and disk drives in the computer configuration in the right pane.

2. Right click on any volume or partition that needs to resize or change the size, and select either "Resize/Move partition", "Copy partition", "Merge partition", "Delete partition" etc.

3. The program will analyze partition data, then choose "Apply". Let the free Windows Vista partition manager manage your partition automatically.

You do no need to spend time and energy backing up data anymore.