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Free Partition Disk by Creating New Partitions

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2016-05-18 10:04:53 Posted by Barbie to Manage Partition

EaseUS Partition Master Free edition is proficient in disk partitioning, with which users can free partition disk by creating new partitions or resizing the existing partitions.

We've discussed why partition a hard drive in an early article, and there are three major imperative reasons warning computer users to partition disk on a hard drive:

  • 1. Data loss risks are reduced by separating them on different partitions instead of gathering on one whole partition.

Investment experts tell us that don't put all your eggs in one basket, likewise the rule applies to partition disk management. System crash resulting from hardware failure or a virus attack are very likely to cause personal data loss or corruption. So it is much safer to allot data to classified locations, here partitions, to make sure the personal data and crucial files are well protected even something went wrong with the system partition.

  • 2. Even one computer can be booted up with two operating systems.

Many people now are in a dilemma for Windows 10 update. In fact, other than give up the old OS to get the new one, there is a good way to keep them both. Having two or more partitions on your computer is significant in this case, because your existing operating system, let it be Windows 7/8/8.1 and the new Windows 10 operating system ask for a separate partition of its own.

  • 3. User experience and working efficacy can be greatly improved by organizing system data, personal data and some specific data in a clean and logic way.

Create multiple hard drive partitions and label them with specific information in order to receive data of different properties. In this way, to enhance computer management and improve computer performance.

Concluded from the aforementioned benefits from at least two partitions on a hard drive, computer users are suggested to partition disk at once and a free partition magic alternative which runs on all Windows platforms is much preferred.

How to partition disk without any cost?

First, look for hard drive partition software you can free download. EaseUS Partition Master Free edition comes to the first place since this free partition manager won't cost you a penny, however, with which the features are rich enough to ultimately partition disk without doing any damage to your data.

Now take a look at how to easily partition disk by creating a new partition with EaseUS partition freeware.

Steps to create a new partition on a hard drive

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free. Right-click the unallocated space and choose "Create partition".

create a new partition

2. Enter a partition label, select a drive letter, cluster size, partition size, partition type (Primary/Logical) and file system from the pull-down menu. While creating partition, you also could resize the new partition to a certain size.

enter partition label by choosing letters to create a new partition

3. Click "OK", a new partition can be successfully created.

Please go for detailed information of creating partitions.