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How to Wipe Disk for Free?

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2016-03-03 15:21:53 Posted by Declan Morris to Manage Partition

Are you looking for a free method to help you wipe disk data and get more free space? EaseUS Partition Master Free makes it simple and easy for you to wipe disk for free without any obstacles.

Can I thoroughly wipe the whole disk data?

Hi there, do you have any ideas about how to wipe disk for free without any obstacles? And I wanna know is it possible to completely wipe all data and hidden files on disk? 

I need to clean up a disk partition for installing a new system on it but I must wipe all data. I’ve tried many methods, it seemed that there are still some hidden files left. Please help me if you know any free & effective partition manager tools. 

Find effective & free method to wipe disk

How to find an effective free method to wipe disk may puzzle quite a lot of users who are not very familiar with partition management jobs on computers. If you need to clean up the whole disk partition thoroughly, what will you do? 

EaseUS software provides free partition software to assist inexperienced users solving complex partition problems such as to wipe disk. How to get this software? Search EaseUS Partition Master Free and you’ll find it available online. And now you can directly get it by clicking the download button here. Free get this software and follow next steps to wipe disk now:

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free, select the partition that you need to wipe and right click it by choosing “Wipe partition”.

EaseUS Partition Master Free tells how to wipe disk.

2. Set the number of times to wipe the partition. You can set 10 times at most. Click “OK”.

EaseUS Partition Master Free guides to wipe disk for free.

3. Click Apply to finish all process.

To protect data security while wiping disk in your computer and erase all data thoroughly, EaseUS Partition Master Free can be your best choice.