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Partition Manager for Windows X64 Edition System

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2016-08-11 15:20:12 Posted by Declan Morris to Manage Partition

As partition magic x64 partition manager alternative, EaseUS Partition Master provides 64 bit partition manager, disk/partition copy and partition recovery wizard to manage your hard drive partitions under Windows system.

About Windows x64 Edition System

X64 editions of Microsoft Windows client and server, Windows XP Professional x64 edition and Windows Server 2003 x64 edition were released in March 2005. Internally, they are actually the same build as they share the same source base and operating system binaries. So even system updates are released in unified packages, much in the manner as Windows 2000 Professional and Server editions for x86. Windows Vista, which also has many different editions, was released in January 2007.

Common Questions about Partition Manager for x64 Edition System

"Does anyone know of some suitable partition manager software that will work properly with Windows 7 x64 at all? I just want to shrink Vista partition and extend Windows 7 partition but using "Disk management" and the "shrink volume" tool only gives me 4gig to play with when there's at least 160gig free in the Vista partition."

"I have a 4 HD with 500Gb for each one, but I made a big mistake by making the primary partition size 20GB. And as you all know this storage is not enough for Windows Vista ultimate x64 and its update, so how I can resize the primary partition to make it more bigger without formatting, or losing the data in this partition?"

There have been a number of questions about partition manager for Windows x64 edition system. Many users would consider Windows built in tool to resize partition for Windows x64 system firstly. Yes, Diskpart command and Windows Vista/2008/Windows 7/8 Disk Management can resize partitions. But there are some limitations to resize partition with them: Diskpart command cannot extend system partition in Windows environment; Diskpart command and Windows Vista/2008/Windows7 Disk Management cannot extend partition unless there is unallocated space behind the partition which you want to extend. But for professional x64 partition manager, EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition can resize partition easily without formatting the partition and data loss on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8 x32 and x64.

Partition Manager x64 Edition System - EaseUS Partition Master

As x64 partition manager, EaseUS Partition Master can resize partition on Windows x64 with simple operations by its "Resize/Move partition" feature. Furthermore, EaseUS Partition Master can extend NTFS system partition without rebooting the computer.

Download EaseUS Partition Master and use "Resize/Move partition" to manage X64 partitions is easily and safely.

Partition manager x64

For more detailed steps, please visit resizing and moving partitions. Before resizing partitions, EaseUS provides free backup software to ensure data security.

For Windows Server 64 bit users, you can use the 64 bit server partition manager - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition to resize partition on Windows Server x64.