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Easy Way to Resize Boot Partition

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2016-09-23 14:42:24 Posted by Judie to Manage Partition

Here is an easy and efficient solution to resize boot partition. It teaches you how to extend system or boot partition with EaseUS partition software step by step.

Is there any way to resize boot partition?

My boot partition is of around 50 GB and now it seems to be too small to work normally after storing more and more data. I think I need more space on it. Some friends recommend me to resize boot partition to do this job. They told me that I can shrink other partitions on the hard drive to create some free space. And then add unallocated space to the boot system partition. I tried to do it with Windows built-in partition management tool but failed. Is there any way to resize boot partition? Can any partition magic software help?

Users need to resize boot partition for various reasons. For example, they need to extend boot partition when there is excessive installation of software and applications, resulting in insufficient partition space on the boot partition. Otherwise, it will slow the computer operating speed. Ans also, they need to increase boot partition size when some particular software requires to be installed on system partition whose space is always too small. When encountered such a situation, many people always feel frustrated because they have no idea about partition resizing. So in this page, we would like to talk about this topic and introduce you how to resize system boot partition with third-party partition software step by step.  

Steps to resize boot partition with EaseUS partition software

As a matter of fact, whatever the boot partition or system partition, a third-party partition tool is required to perform disk management operations including resizing boot partition. Being powerful and easy-to-use, EaseUS partition software should be the first choice for you. It can help you handle all hard disk partitioning jobs such as create partition, resize partition, copy partition, move partition, merge partitions and split partition in Windows. Here is the detailed guide.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS partition tool. Choose the partition you want to resize and select the right option to extend, shrink, move, copy or merge the partition.

Choose the right option to resize boot partition

Step 2. Drag the arrow towards right hand to resize the partition.

Drag to change boot partition size

Step 3. Then click "Apply" to confirm all your operations.