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3 ways to safe resize your hard disk partition

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Ways to safe resize your hard disk partition with Windows Disk Management tool, Command Prompt, and EaseUS Partition Master freeware. EaseUS Partition Master can easily extend your hard disk under Windows.

All hard disks contain one or more partitions. Partitions divide the storage space on the hard drive and store files. If one of your partitions is filling up or you want to create a new one or you just want to free up disk space of the large partitions, you can just resize existing hard disk partitions.

There are several ways to resize hard disk partitions. Windows Vista/7/Server 2008 users have the advantage of having a built-in functionality in the "Disk Management" option that will enable them to shrink or extend the partitions. Resizing a hard disk partition - shrinking or enlarging it - with the Disk Management tool in Windows or using Command Prompt may be a solution for the senior users. However, it's better for those laymen to choose to download a reliable and convenient partition management software that will reduce the hassles towards this issue.

Ways to resize hard disk space

Attention: Before you start resizing your hard disk partitions, you'd better backup all your important files first with solid backup software in case of any unexpected emergency.

Solution 1: Using Disk Management

If you have Windows Vista/7/2008 operation system, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the "Start" menu and browse for your "Computer" icon

Step 2: Use your mouse to right-click on the icon and choose "Manage" from the displayed list

Step 3: Choose "Continue" if the UAC pops up.

Step 4: Select the "Storage" category in the left pane and open "Disk Management".

Step 5: A window will list your disk partitions and to alter them, use your mouse to right-click on the partition that you have to change.

Step 6: From the menu, select either to extend or shrink volume: the volume of the chosen partition

Tips: To use Disk Management tool in Windows to enlarge hard disk partitions, there must be unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend.

If your computer's operation system is anything but Windows Vista/7/Server 2008, the following two solutions may help you to resize you hard disk partitions.

Solution 2: Using Command Prompt

Step 1: Open your "Start" menu and enter diskpart

Step 2: When a command-prompt window is displayed, type in list disk to show the list of all your hard disks.

Step 3: To choose the disk that you want to alter, enter the command select disk<the disk number>

Step 4: Select the volume you want to work with i.e. select volume 1.

Step 5: Once this volume is in focus, you can type extend to use all available space.

Tips: To use diskpart command in Windows to extend hard disk partitions, there must be unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend.

Solution 3: Using a professional partition manager software to ease the task

As magic hard disk partition management software, EaseUS Partition Master is highly recommended to resize your hard disk space with simple operations by its "Resize/Move partition" feature which can simplify the steps of resizing and rationalizing the partitions. There is no need to have an unallocated space next to the partition you want to enlarge, since all the partitions are free to move with this software. For more detailed information, please visit resizing and moving partitions.

Resize hard disk partition

Besides, EaseUS Partition Master also provides copy partition, copy disk, copy dynamic volume, convert partition, split partition, merge partitions, convert dynamic disk to basic disk, and partition recovery, etc. to manage your disk partitions more easily and safely. EaseUS Partition Master is an all-in-one solution to solve your MBR and GPT disk and partition problems.