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SSD Optimization During Windows 10 Migration

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2017-05-24 11:15:03 Posted by Barbie to Manage Partition

This page introduces SSD optimization during Windows 10 OS migrating process with EaseUS Partition Master Free. When you migrate OS to SSD, you can easily align partitions on SSD by allowing "optimize for SSD".

SSDs (short for Solid State Drives) are lighter with greater performance comparing with traditional and classic hard drive discs. You many want to have an SSD installed as the most common configuration of computer storage for Windows 10 operating system or open up applications faster while having HDDs (with larger capacity) to save large sizes of movies, games, music, pictures and other files.

To maximize the running performance of a new SSD, now you got the best solution here. EaseUS Partition Master allows users to optimize for SSD when they migrate Windows 10 OS there. The partition software will automatically work on SSD optimization for you as long as you allow it to. Let's see how EaseUS SSD optimization tool works.

Prepare your new SSD, which should be empty without any data and partitions on it or else it will be removed during the OS migrating process. Free download and install EaseUS Partition Master on your Windows 10 computer, and then follow the guide bellow to start SSD optimization during the OS migrating process.

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free. Go to "Migrate OS to SSD/HDD" at the upper side of the main windows.

2. Select SSD as destination disk to start migrating.

select ssd as destination disk

Note that the SSD has to be clear off without any partitions or data on it. If there are some items, you need to choose "delete partitions on the destination disk" as it guides in below.

delete partitions on ssd

3. This is where and when to optimize for an SSD. At this step of editing disk, the software will allow you to have an optional choice of "optimize for SSD". Mark it as selected, the software will automatically work on SSD optimization. It won't take long.

optimize for ssd

Finally, click Apply to finish the SSD optimization process.