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How to merge partition under Windows XP with freeware?

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2016-10-14 11:17:20 Posted by Jean to Merge Partitions

We find you the best solution for how to free merge two partitions in Windows XP, with which you can either merge two neighboring partitions or non-adjacent partitions on Windows XP hard drive without losing data.

When you need to merge partitions?

  • You have several partitions on one hard disk, while, one of them is empty and another is running out of space, then you consider merging these two partitions.
  • You partition your hard disk and classify your data to save them to each single partition, someday you find that two partitions saving similar data types, and want to merge two partitions together.
  • You want to convert file system to more advanced file system for your partition without losing data.

This article recommends free merge partition software - EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition (Freeware) - to teach you how to merge disk partitions.

For data security, download a backup freeware to backup partitions before merge operation.

How to merge two neighboring partitions with partition manager freeware?

  • Launch EaseUS Partition Master, go to the main screen.
  • Select the partition you want to merge, then click Partitions and select Merge partition on main menu. Or you can also right click the partition you want to merge, and select Merge partition.

Select Merge partition

  • In this Merge partition window, choose two neighboring partitions in the partition layout.
  • Choose the merge destination by selecting a partition label in the drop-down list of "Merge selected partitions to".
  • Click OK, the program will check partition file system.
  • Click Apply

Tip: System partition and boot partition can only be set as destination, the same to the partition installed EaseUS Partition Master.

How to merge two non-adjacent partitions with partition manager freeware?

EaseUS Partition Master can not merge two non-adjacent partitions directly. Follow the below steps to easily merge two non-adjacent partitions.

Case 1. There are unallocated space between two partitions.

If these two partitions are separated by unallocated space, you can still follow the method to merge two neighboring partitions. The unallocated space will be added into the final merged partition.

Case 2. There are other partitions stuck in the middle.

Method 1. You can copy the partition in the middle to unallocated space, and then delete the partition and merge the other two partitions the same as you merge two neighboring partitions.

  • Launch EaseUS Partition Master and right click the partition you want to copy.
  • Select Copy partition and then select destination.
  • Click next to finish.
  • Click Apply.
  • Go to the main screen, right click the partition you just copy to somewhere else.
  • Select Delete Partition. And click Apply.
  • Following the steps to merge two neighboring partitions.

Method 2. You can merge these three partitions together by merging twice.

How to use EaseUS Partition Master to convert file system?

If you merge two partitions with different file system, the merged partition file system will be set as the more advanced partition file system. So you don't have to format your partition to change its file system. You can merge partitions to convert partition file system without data loss.

You can shrink one partition to set aside some unallocated space. And create a new partition with the more advanced file system. Then you merge these two partitions, you can get a final partition with more advanced file system.

Partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master

Besides merge partitions (free download). It also provides features for dynamic disk management. You can resize dynamic volume to extend or shrink the volume capacity. Or you can convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss.