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How to Carry Out Partition Copy Easier and More Securely

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2017-08-08 14:26:40 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Partition copy is a useful way to protect data. EaseUS Partition Master can help copy partition easily and securely. It also provides comprehensive partition functions apart from partition copy.

Partition Copy Is Not Available In Disk Management Utility

How to copy partition? As the mention of this question, you may think of trying the Disk Management utility built in your Operation System immediately. But then you give it up since Partition Copy is not available there. Yes, one of the major disadvantages of the Microsoft Operating Systems is the lack of a reliable, efficient mechanism for copying the entire contents of a partition volume to the unallocated space. However, this is an essential requirement for those who want to backup their files to protect data. So a third-party partition copy program is needed such as EaseUS Partition Master.

Partition Copy Is Also Not An Easy Job Under DOS Operation System

Trace back to the "good old days" of DOS, it was possible to just copy an entire disk volume file-by-file using a simple utility. If you did this correctly, there was every reason to expect that the new disk would function properly. But in fact not many users like DOS for that it's inconvenient to carry out Disk Copy or Partition Copy under DOS, we don't talk about DOS here. Moreover, with long file names, the use of swap files and the Windows registry, it is no longer safe or easy to copy a partition from one disk to another file-by-file.

Use Third-party Partition Software to Copy Your Partition in an Easy and Secure Way

As I've mentioned that one way to accomplish Partition Copy is to use a third-party partitioning program, you may now want to know which software is more reliable. It's certain that the stability and security are the factors that computer users concern the most. And no one would like to get involved in complicated codes or operations. So the partition software should be easy to handle even for common computer users. And the data must be completely unchanged during the partition copy process. Allowing for all these concerns, I recommend EaseUS Partition Master to you.

How Does EaseUS Partition Master Work As Reliable Software To Help Copy Partition?

The Partition Copy function built in EaseUS Partition Master is fairly simple and pretty easy to use. Fast file-by-file copy enables you to save valuable time as well as protect your data on the computer before any operation. You don't need to worry about data loss when using EaseUS Partition Master. And the shining point of this software is that you can resize (shrink or enlarge) partitions during partition copy process in order to fit target space. Just keep in mind that only unallocated space can be used as the destination partition when copying the partition.

To operate EaseUS Partition Master, please follow these steps:

1. Select the partition you want to copy as the source partition.

2. Right-click partition > Clone partition. (Clone partition can be also found under Wizard and in the left panel.) Click Next.

Partition Copy

3. Select an empty partition or unallocat space as a destination partition, click Next.

4. Edit the destination partition. On a disk map, current size of the partition is displayed on the top of the dialog box. The map also depicts the used and unused space within the partition and the free space surrounding the partition (if any exists). The minimum and maximum sizes that you can resize a partition appear below the map.

5. Click "Finish".

6. To preview the result on the left panel "Pending Operations". If it is right, then click "Apply".

EaseUS Partition Master Provides More Partition Functions Apart From Partition Copy.