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EaseUS Partition master Helps with Partition/Disk Copy Problem

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2017-04-26 10:17:05 Posted by Barbie to Resource

Partition copy is essential for computer users to upgrade their disk; EaseUS Partition Master has the new function of partition/disk copy.

Why need perform partition/disk copy?

Partition/disk copy is to copy one partition/disk to another. This is essential for computer users who are upgrading to a new hard disk to another or perhaps replacing an older disk that is in the process of failing. However, the Microsoft Operating Systems lacks of a reliable, efficient mechanism for copying the entire contents of a hard disk/partition volume from one disk to another.

Solution 1 Copy partition/disk data and file one by one

It is possible to just copy an entire partition/disk file-by-file in simply ways, like 'copy' and 'paste'. The file-by-file copy works fine as long as there are no problems with the file system on the original disk, otherwise, the copy progress will stop (for whatever reason, file system corruption say).

However, with long file names, the use of swap files and the Windows registry, it is no longer possible to safely copy a partition from one partition to another file by file. It enables you to copy files correctly, but it is a quite a different thing if you want to copy Operating System from one partition to another. Sector by sector copy is required.

One way to accomplish this task is to use a third-party partitioning program. To make users manage their partitions easily and maximize the performance of the computers, EaseUS releases its EaseUS Partition Master, with the new features of partition/disk copy. With its help, your hard drive can be easily and safely organized and it provides sector by sector partition/disk copy for users.

Solution 2 Perform Partition/Disk Copy with EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master does not generally change any existing data, just copy 100% identity of the original to a new partition. Its physical copying causes much less exposure to the disk than any other usage due to its linear operation.Partition copy is fairly simple, and pretty easy to use with EaseUS Partition Master.

Besides copying partition or disk, EaseUS Partition Master also supports to resize and move partition, create and delete partitions, format partitions, hide and unhide partitions, etc.

1. Right click the source partition and choose “Clone partition”.

2. EaseUS Partition Master will automatically check the source partition; after check, click Next to choose the destination partition.

3. Click Next and Finish. Finally, tick Apply these operations. Then your source partition is successfully copied.

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