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How to Use Partition Magic Software to Manage Windows 7 partition

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2016-08-11 15:20:48 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Works as a Partition magic for Windows 7/Windows 8 32bit and 64bit, EaseUS Partition Master is the best partition manager software that provides safe, easy and fast partition management, with the help of which you can Move/Resize Windows 7 Partition, as well as other partition management without data loss.

Background about Windows 7

Windows 7, as the latest version that released by Microsoft, has gained many new features to cater for different needs of users. It is intended to be a more focused, incremental upgrade to the Windows line, with the goal of being fully compatible with applications and hardware. Due to its appealing features, many people come to buy it once it became available on the market.

However, after using Windows 7 for a period of time, you may find that the system partition space becomes smaller and smaller that you can't install updates or other applications. If this happens, you have to expand the system partition to avoid the inconvenience that might be caused by insufficient space of C: drive. Though Windows 7 Disk Management has the ability to shrink/expand system partition, but it has many disadvantages to resize Windows 7 partition.

Limitations of Disk Management and Diskpart

If you are very familiar with functions of Windows 7, you will find the Disk Management can extend and shrink partitions for you. So when many Windows 7 users come across the low disk space problem, they want to solve this through the Disk Management built- in Windows 7, which offers the function of resizing partitions. However, if you have tried it, you will find there are so many limitations of this built-in function. Under Windows 7,you cannot expand the partition because there is no unallocated space behind it and the Disk Management also can't move the unallocated space to be behind the partition that needs to be extended.

Diskpart is also a way to resize hard drive partitions with simple command language. Just as Windows 7 talked about above, it also has the limitation of resizing partitions for it requires continuous space to be right behind the partition you decide to extend. If you own a third-party software, you won't be troubled by these problems.

Partition Windows 7 with EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master, working as a professional partition magic manager, is also available for you as free magic partition software. With this all-round partition manager, you can manage Windows 7 hard drive partitions freely and easily in order to improve Windows 7 performance adequately.

Windows 7 magic partition manager main window

EaseUS Partition Master, regarded as professional partition magic software for Windows, has many leading functions in partition management. With it, you can do many operations to maximize the performance of the Windows 7, such as merge partition, Copy Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Convert File System, Hide/Unhide Partition, Explore Partition, Copy dynamic volume and so on. All these operations would be carried out under a protection mode, so you need never worry about data loss.