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How to Redistribute Free Disk Space?

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2016-10-11 17:33:19 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Solution to redistribute free disk space or partition - easily resize, enlarge, move your system and extended partitions under Windows server and non-server systems.

Why need redistribute free disk space?

“My Vista laptop has 160GB split into two partitions - System C:( 69GB, and ), and DATA D: (91GB). C: has the OS and all other necessary files to keep it running installed on it; D: has all my files on it (movies, pictures, etc. - everything else). The problem is that C: is now approaching its limit and runs out of space, and D: has enough free space available, is there a way for me to redistribute the free space of D: to C:, and how?”

Have you ever thought that you could redistribute free disk space on your Windows XP/Vista by yourself without repartitioning the whole hard drive and reinstalling the Operating System anymore? Is it possible to redistribute the free space to the system partition easily? Or can you easily allocate the unused free disk space to other partition for larger memory?

Recommended Solution to Redistribute Free Disk Space

To easily and quickly redistribute free disk space among hard drive partitions, the 3rd party partition manager software, like EaseUS Partition Master, provides the opportunity of increasing free disk space on one partition by utilizing unused space from other partitions. It enables you to Resize and Move, Copy, Create, Delete and Format, Convert, Hide and Unhide, Merge Partitions, etc. server and non-server partitions and much more features.

How EaseUS Partition Master works?

EaseUS Partition Master, an excellent program requiring a little technical knowledge, will make this process very easy under Windows .

1. Select the hard disk and a partition you want to resize.

Redistribute Free Disk Space

2. Click Partitions -> Resize/Move partition.

Drag the handle to the partition size you want when the mouse pointer changes into a double-headed arrow.

3. Click Apply.