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How to Resize Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Partition

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2016-09-22 15:59:41 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Resize partition on Windows Server 2003/2008 64bit through built-in disk management tool and EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition.

How to resize Windows Server 2003 64-bit partitions? This is a frequently asked question. More and more web administrators prefer Windows Server 2003 64-bit for its swift performance, latest technology, and of course including the development of physical hardware. For server users, to resize partition probably has become a part of their daily jobs for maintenance. So which software should be taken advantage of is very useful for server users. Now, a comparison between Windows Server 2003 64-bit built-in Disk Management Tool and a third-party software - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition will be listed as follows.

Resize Partition with Diskpart Command

Use Windows Server 2003 64-bit built-in Disk Management Tool to resize partition, for example, you want to enlarge D drive 50MB.

Step1: Backup all your data on E drive, and then delete E drive.

Step2: click start > program > accessories > command prompt, and in turns type "Diskpart", "List volume", "Select volume 2", "Extend Size=50".

Notes: If delete E drive will cause all the data on it loss, so before deleting must backup data. To extend D drive, you just can delete the partition next to D:, as we deleting E drive.

Diskpart command

Resize Server 2003 64-Bit Partition with Server Partition Software

Use EaseUS Partition Master resizes partition, you will not need to do "step1, step2, then step3..." exactly and precisely like what you have done through Windows Server 2003 64-bit disk management tool. As the Figure below shows, you may resize or move the partition by dragging the disk map.

Resize/Move 2003 server 64 bit Partition

On a disk map, current size of the partition is displayed on the top of the dialog box. The map also depicts the used and unused space within the partition and the free space surrounding the partition (if any exists). The minimum and maximum sizes that you can resize a partition on Windows Server 2003 64-bit appear below the map. The most attractive feature is that it can resize your partitions relied on the free space without destroying data.

Overall, Windows Server 2003 64-bit built-in Disk Management Tool is incompetent for server users, probably causing data loss is the most vital and crucial drawback. EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition is the only partitioning tool you will ever need. It works with both server 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. It allows you to perform basic and advanced partition operations on your Windows Server System without data loss, including: Resize and Move partitions, Create, Delete and Format partitions, Merge partitions, Hide and Unhide partitions and much more. So I strongly recommend server users to enjoy EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition convenience and reliability.