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Two Methods to Partition Windows Server 2008

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2016-09-22 16:07:16 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Partition Windows Server 2008 with EaseUS Partition Master Server to resize/move, copy, create, delete, and format Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 partitions without losing data, etc.

When you want to partition Windows Server 2000/2003, you can only use a third party partition manager software to resize your server partitions. But now, Windows Server 2008 users have two choices to partition their hard disk: One is to partition hard disk by the bulid-in disk management; The other is to turn to the third party partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition, released on Nov, 28th, 2008 with new feature of Partition/Disk Copy and supporting Window Server 2008.

Partition Server 2008 with Build-in Disk Management

Partition Windows Server 2008 is much easier for the Windows Server 2008 users due to its powerful disk management capacity. Windows Server 2008 is the most recent release of Microsoft Windows' Server line of operating systems, it is the first Windows Server Operating System with Disk Management capacity of extending, shirking, formatting, creating, and deleting partitions, etc.

How to partition Windows Server 2008 with its built in Disk Management? You should log as an Administrator, go to Server Manager, and find the Administrative Tools folder. Select Computer Management, scroll down till you get to the Storage section, and go to the Disk Management console. Right-click the disk, then you can perform operations on your Windows Server 2008 partitions to extend, shrink partitions, etc.


Partition Manager Software - EaseUS Parition Master Server to Partition Your 2008 Server

However, the Disk Management built in Windows Server 2008 has its function limitations in partitioning. It can not perform some advanced partition operations on your Windows Server 2008 if you want to move a partition or copy a partition/disk. Besides, there is not any indication of schedule while resizing which seems like a system halt. The third party partition software - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition can make up for these defects.

It enables Windows Server users to reconfigure, deploy, manage and copy your hard disk. To optimize your growing storage needs by resizing partitions without data loss, copying disk/partition to protect your data, creating bootable CD/DVD when your system fails to boot, and other complex operations.

Copy Partition

As a Windows Server 2008 user, if you want to protect your data or upgrade your old hard disk to a new one, Partition/Disk Copy - the new feature of EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition will be especially useful. Do not hesitate any more if you wanna resize your 2008 server partition. This magnificent tool - EaseUS Parition Master Server can do and help.