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Resize Windows Storage Server Partition

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2016-09-22 16:05:52 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

To resize partition of Windows Storage Server, EaseUS Partition Master is a good tool to resize Windows Storage Server without data loss.

Resize Windows Storage Server Partition

How to resize server partition on Windows server 2000/2003/2008 is a constant problem for IT administrators and server users, especially Windows Storage Server.

Microsoft Windows Storage Server is built upon an optimized release of the reliable and flexible file services of Windows Server for better file serving performance. Microsoft then adds advanced storage technologies such as file de-duplication and an iSCSI software target for unified file and block-based storage and packages it for delivery within storage appliances. Similarly, Microsoft partners then offer specialized hardware and introduce additional software components to create WSS08-based appliances. Windows-powered storage appliances give customers new storage capabilities, simplified deployment and easier management while assuring seamless synergy in their Windows infrastructure in a cost-effective and high-performance platform.

Since no one can predict the proper size of each partition on server before installing the server operating system. Then how can you resize your server partition without installing systems and programs again?

Using EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition to resize Windows Storage Server partition is quite a simple task. Because it has the most intuitive graphic user interface and the easiest yet most detailed guidance.

How to Resize Windows Storage Server Partition?

The following is step-by-step instruction to extend system partition (C: drive) of Windows Storage Server.

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Windows Storage Server partition manager software

2. Select one partition and right click it, select "Resize/Move partition" and drag the partition handle leftwards to resize it. Then there will be unallocated space.

Resize Windows storage server partition

3. Move the drive rightwards to let the unallocated space be behind the system partition (C: drive) and click OK.

Move the data partition on Windows storage server

4. Select the system partition (C: drive), right click it and select "Resize/Move partition", drag the partition handle rightwards to extend system partition (C: drive).

Extend system partition on Windows storage server

5. Click Apply.

For more detailed information, please visit resizing and moving partitions.

From above mentioned, it is easy to find that resizing storage server partition with this server partition manager is much easier compared with the difficult configurations and command line of Windows Server 2008.

You may free download this storage server partition software and check how simple it is now!