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Upgrade to A Larger Disk

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2017-04-26 18:18:11 Posted by Declan Morris to Resource

Have you ever found that the disk is not so big for use and then want to upgrade to a larger one for system installation or data storage.

Why need to upgrade to a larger disk?

Have you ever think about how to upgrade disk to a larger one? Does your disk often run out of space and it makes you unable to upgrade applications, programs, system for storing more data? At this time, it means that you should upgrade to a newer and larger disk and then install all applications and operating system there.

When your computer disk has no more available space, Windows will alert you by popping out a Windows low disk alert indicates: "You are running out of disk space on Local Disk [drive]. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here." or some other kinds of disk space warning.

Windows Low Disk Space Warning

How to solve disk low space problem?

To solve the low disk space issue, we would like to share three useful ways to increase disk space here:

  • 1. Remove some programs that installed on your computer
  • 2. Extend partition by shrinking the other partition and extend the partition which is too small
  • 3. Change the disk to a new one with a larger size and transfer all the data from the old disk to the new one

How to upgrade to a larger disk?

Here we would like to introduce an easier way to upgrade disk to a larger one for applications, data storage and system installation like Windows 7. And to upgrade disk with free disk copy software is a wise choice. EaseUS Partition Master Free is an excellent free disk manager software. It enables you to upgrade disk to a larger one with ease.

1. Please download the full version of this freeware and then follow to upgrade the disk by copying whole disk to the new one. By the way, after the disk copy is finished, you may resize each partition to proper size that you want for different usage.

2. Connect the newer larger disk and then start the software.

3. Select "Clone disk".

Select upgrade disk

4. Disk Clone Wizard will automatically check the source disk and after check, click Next.

5. Choose the destination disk, and then click "Next".

6. You may resize partitions on the destination disk. On a disk map, current size of the partitions on the destination disk is displayed on the top of the dialog box. Position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle; the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow and drag the handle to the partition size you want. Click OK.

After following the above steps, please replace the original disk with the new one and then boot from it.

Apart from clone disk features. This free partition manager can also help you to manage Windows-based partitions, like Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7 32/64 bit and Windows 8.

Furthermore, are you still finding the Best free partition manager for Windows 7 and Windows 8 system hard disk management? Here is a good one, why not try it now?