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2017-09-11 14:46:20 Posted by Declan Morris to Windows 10 Partition Manager

You wanna find a reliable method to help create partition Windows 10 for free? Do not bother any more for that EaseUS Partition Master Free makes it simple and easy for you to create partition Windows 10 for free.

How can I create partition Windows for free? I installed Windows 10 in my new laptop last weekend. I planned to allocated the Windows 10 available space but it turned out that it’s not easy to find a professional solution to create partition for free.

Are there any possibilities that can or may work to help solve Windows 10 partition creating case? What’s in your mind now? IN this article you’ll find two recommended solution to help yourself create partition Windows 10 for free. 

Solution 1: Create partition Windows 10 for Free with Disk Management

It’s highly acknowledged that "Disk Management" is the best way to create partitions in Windows 10. This built-in method enables you to free create partitions in Windows 10 without any obstacles. You may start to follow next steps to create Windows 10 partitions now:

1. Click and open "File Explorer" windows, right click "This PC" and choose "Manage".
create partition Windows 10

2. Enter into “Computer Management” interface, right-click the unallocated area of the Windows 10 hard drive disk, choose "Create Simple Volume".

create partition Windows 10 1

3. Enter the New Simple Volume Wizard interface, and Specify Volume Size

create partition Windows 10 - 2

4. Assign Drive Letter or Path, leaving everything as it is simplicity, and click Next.

create partition Windows 10 -3

5. Format Partition and click next.
create partition Windows 10 -4

6.On the Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard page, click Finish to create a new Windows 10 partition in the hard disk drive.
create partition Windows 10 -5

The above all are steps to create partition Windows 10 for free. One thing you need to notice is that if you’ve already stored data in Windows 10, do remember to backup your data before following the above steps.

Solution 2: Created Partition Windows 10 for Free with Partition Management Software

If you are looking for an easier method to help you create Windows 10 partition, a free but professional partition management software is exactly what you need. Here we’d like to introduce you a free Windows 10 partition management software - EaseUS Partition Master Free. You don’t need to waste time doing the above complex steps anymore. Only three steps will do all jobs.

1. Download EaseUS Partition Master Free and launch it on your computer.

EaseUS Partition Master Free helps create partition Windows 10 for free

2.Select unallocated area on your Windows 10 and right click it by choosing "Create partition".

3.Choose "Apply". Then your partitions are created successfully on Windows 10 for free.

If you are ever being troubled about how to create partition Windows 10 for free, you may try the above recommended methods now. EaseUS Partition Master for Free is also an excellent Windows 10 partition manager for helping you solve more partition problems such as to convert gpt partition to mbr in Windows 7.