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The Easiest Way to Extend Windows 10 Volume

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2016-09-22 10:38:09 Posted by Declan Morris to Windows 10 Partition Manager

Do you wanna extend Windows 10 volume on your new computer? EaseUS partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Free will offer you the easiest way to help extend Windows 10 volume.

Is it possible to find a simple way to hep extend Windows 10 volume?

When the phrase "Windows 10 extend volume" comes to our mind, what does it reminds you firstly? Is it about how to extend Windows 10 volume or partition? Or how can you increase Windows 10 partition size? Now I’m facing such a problem that I’m feeling that it’s too complex for me to use disk management tool to extend Windows 10 volume.

Any other simpler suggestion or method to help me extend my Windows 10 partition? I know nothing about how to manage computer partition especially in the new Windows 10. A free partition manager software or tool will be great.

Tip: If you’ve updated Windows 10, you need backup data firstly in case of any data loss problems happen.

The Easiest Way to Extend Windows 10 Volume

EaseUS software makes every complex partition management process simplified with its powerful partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Free. With this tool, you no longer need to delete partition anymore or to ensure whether unallocated space is right behind the partition which is supposed to be extended. No complex operating process and no technical skills are required. Only three simple steps will do all jobs.     

1. Download & launch EaseUS Partition Master Free.

2.Select partition and click "Resize/Move partition".

Adjust the partition size by inputting exact size or dragging the mouse pinpoint to extend your Windows 10 volume.
3.Choose "Apply".

EaseUS Partition Master Free offers the easiest way to help solve Windows 10 extend volume problem.

You’ll see that you no longer need to spend more energy and time to learn how to manage partition with disk management tool now. You don’t have to wait now. EaseUS Partition Master Free is the easiest way for you to manage partition including extend Windows 10 volume with ease now.