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2016-09-23 14:48:31 Posted by Declan Morris to Windows 10 Partition Manager

To remove partition Windows 10 free is not really a big case when you find reliable method or solution for it. EaseUS Partition Master Free makes it simple and easy for you to delete or remove partition Windows 10 free.

Why you need remove partition in Windows 10?

You’ve recently upgraded OS with Windows 10 but find no way to remove partition Windows 10 free? Does your C drive keeps telling you that it’s running out of space or your disk space is not allocated properly which may cause some partitions are full and some are still empty.

How can you solve such a problem then? To solve this case, you need delete or remove partition and extend or merge partition in Windows 10. Is it possible to delete or remove partition Windows 10 free? How? Here we’ll introduce you two reliable methods: disk management tool in Windows 10 and partition management software for Windows 10.

Solution one: remove partition Windows 10 free with Disk Management

Do remember to backup your important data before trying any methods to partition or perform any operations in Windows 10. Then follow next steps to remove your Windows 10 partition and reallocate your Windows 10 disk space:

1.Enter into the Windows 10 Disk Management interface. Search "hard disk partitions" at the Start Menu or Search tool. Right click the drive or partition by clicking "Delete Volume".

2.Select "Yes" to let the system complete the removing process. Then you’ve successfully delete or remove your Windows 10 disk.

After doing so you can do more operations with your Windows 10 partitions, such as delete, extend, shrink partitions etc. But the system disk and dynamic partitions can not be partitioned by this method.

Solution 2: remove partition Windows 10 free with partition management software

If you find disk management can not help you remove system partition or dynamic partition, or merge partitions, you need another tool - partition management software. EaseUS Partition Master Free is capable of helping you delete or remove partition Windows 10 free. It also offers other options for you to do more operations on your Windows 10 partition such as partition hard drive in Windows 10 for free.

Do not hesitate any more. Backup your data in partition that you need to remove. Download this software and follow next steps to remove partition in Windows 10 right now:

1. Download EaseUS Partition Master Free and launch it on your computer.

2.Select partition that you need to remove and select "Delete partition". If you need perform other operation, select relative button on the interface to manage partition.

3.Choose "Apply". Then your partitions are created successfully on Windows 10 free.

After doing so, you can repartition your Windows 10 disk and do more operations for free. Except helping remove partition Windows 10 free, EaseUS Partition Master also works excellent in dealing with other problems such as resize ntfs partition, perform free partition recovery from unallocated space or partition magic x64 etc.